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What we do
We specialise in emergency tree care. Call 1300 007 674 Don't delay, we can come out now.
We understand that not all trees are created equal and sometimes they just need to go. We can remove unwanted trees with a minimum of fuss.
Crown lifting is an effective way to keep the tree you love, whilst clearing up the lower branches to utilise the shade it wants to give.
Tree felling takes a lot of work and planning. Don't trust just anyone to let a tree fall on your property. We have client feedback and insurance certs to make sure you know your safe.
Once a tree is cut down you will be left with the stump. Don't settle for an unsightly stump that gets in the way, we can grind it out for you.
Quality work and competitive quotes, we now do all your garden maintenance in one place.
Elevated Arbor Care, Taking tree care to the next level 1300 007 674
Welcome to Elevated Arbor Care

EAC is a well respected and experienced full tree and garden maintenance service with overĀ 15 year’s industry experience in tree lopping, tree removal, crown lifting and all things garden related. Based in Western Sydney we aim to provide a professional prompt and efficient service. Contact us for a no obligation free quote.

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Taking tree care to the next level
Emergency work
If you have at tree emergency, call us now and we'll come straight out.
State of the art techniques
Skills and experience for the best tree care service in Sydney.
Value for money
We are family owned and operated so our pricing reflects our commitment to the local community.
Fully insured
Insurance is a must, ask us for the latest copies of all our Insurance certificates.
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