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Crown Lifting

Elevated Arbor Care ~ taking tree maintenance to the next level...

At Elevated Arbor Care, we provide you with a number of tree maintenance and garden maintenance options to care for and look after trees in safer conditions. Crown lifting or crown raising, crown thinning, crown reduction – all help you achieve your different pruning needs.

Crown lifting helps to promote growth of a tree and to improve the size and the shape of a tree for it’s quality, timber or the look. Crown lifting is very useful treatment of large garden trees where shading or clearance is a problem. It involves the removal of the lower branches and the trimming of other remaining branch in order to reduce their weight and allow them to lift up naturally. This can be done to achieve any required height clearance. After the treatment, you will have more space and light can come in underneath the tree.

To prevent causing large wounds to the trunk of some trees, large branches growing directly from the trunk may not be able to be removed. Wounding a tree extensively can cause decay and many long term problems. Crown lifting in these cases  may be possible by shortening the primary branches or removal of secondary branches to the same effect.

We provide our services in all areas Penrith, Blacktown, Emu Plains and Blue Mountains. We are also available for emergency tree services 24/7, stump grinding and tree felling services. Contact us on 0438 247 740