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Stump Grinding Penrith

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Stump Grinding Penrith

Once a tree is cut down you will be left with the stump. Tree stumps can be unsightly and also get in the way of general gardening maintenance like mowing. Stumps close to the ground are also usually tripping hazards and can damage mowers that pass on top of them. Elevated Arbor Care provides a stump grinding and removal service to have your lawn or garden free from stumps.

Many methods can be used to remove tree stumps including: burning, pulling, digging or chemicals that accelerate decay. These methods are usually either dangerous, time consuming or will damage the surrounding landscape. Stump Grinding is the best method to removing a stump due to its speed, efficiency and little to no damage to the surrounding landscape compared to other methods.

Stump removal is crucial to enhance the overall appearance of the landscape. Elevated Arbor Care has fully trained staff and up to date equipment allowing the grinding of the tree stumps with the minimal disruption to you. We can tackle any size of stump, from just a few inches up to the largest stump imaginable. Where entry access is a problem, we have smaller machines to deal with this.

Tree services are available in all of Sydney and also Penrith, Campbelltown, Mt Druitt and Western Sydney. Contact us on for emergency tree services and tree cutting services. : 0438 247 740.

View our gallery for stump grinding work we have done.