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Tree Felling Sydney

Tree felling takes a lot of work and planning. Many important things need to be considered before the project starts. You need to estimate carefully the way the tree leans and the slope of the ground so it won’t fall into any buildings or other trees.

Our professional arborists have extensive experience in felling trees and removing them with safety first in head.

We have worked on many projects, mostly in difficult, dangerous and complicated situations. But our tree specialists always have precise plans on how to execute the projects, especially in places where there are not much of spaces, in order to minimise disruptions to the surrounding areas. Regardless how big your area is, our staff is capable of working on site with limited or narrow access or any kind of sizes.

Tree felling is necessary if the existence of the tree is dangerous to its surrounding area like if hazards to people or property exists. We also offer risk management advice if you need solution regarding the trees in your area.

You can rely on our staffs for other tree services such as tree removal, crown lifting, tree pruning, stump grinding, wood chipper and emergency tree service. You can also hire us if you need help in maintaining your garden and turn it into a better work of art. Our garden maintenance service is the best and we always get the job done with care.

We bring affordable, efficient and professional tree services to you. For best solutions for your trees, contact Elevated Arbor Care on 04 38 247 740