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Tree Lopping

Trees need to be cut back from time to time for numerous reasons. Choosing an appropriately qualified arborist to care for your trees is extremely important. An arborist is a certified professional who has studied and been trained to care for the trees. Arborists can quickly assess the state of the tree and offer the right solution.

Tree lopping is the process of cutting off various parts of a tree. This include trimming branches, clearing off limbs or shortening trunks. When it comes to tree lopping consider using a qualified arborist. Professional arborists lop trees to the standard where as just loppers will lop the trees instead of cutting to a suitable growth point.

Improperly lopped trees will require more frequent trimming and maintenance to the trees and shrubs, increasing the frequency of visits by your tree lopper. It will cost you more money. Elevated Arbor Care arborists lop trees private land or commercial land. If you have problematic trees or vegetation that you need to be removed or lopped give us a call.

View our gallery for tree lopping and tree pruning  projects we have undertaken.

Elevated Arbor Care are professional tree arborists offering tree lopping services in Sydney area including Penrith, Blacktown, Sydney, Leonay, Cambridge Park, Werrington, Mt Druitt, Parramatta, Campbelltown and surrounding areas.

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